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Expansion Feature: Hero and Treasure System

There are Jianghu heroes out there seeking a worthy challenge - will you answer their call?

In the new expansion for Age of Wushu, Legends of Mount Hua, a new Jianghu Hero System is being introduced. In this system, defeating certain enemies will attract the attention of Jianghu martial arts experts. Run and you can live another day, but continue to catch their eye and these heroes will challenge you to a duel to the death; prove your might and defeat these challenging foes to receive Treasures, a new type of equipment with powerful stat bonuses.

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Players are initially able to equip up to five Treasures, with another five slots locked until future updates. Each has a different power rank and offers greatly varying benefits, so finding the perfect ones might be a time consuming task. Thankfully, two new NPCs have moved to most major towns and allow players to exchange their Treasures for Pawn Tickets. These tickets can then be used to purchase unidentified Treasures.So if you don’t like the ones you have, recycle and reuse!

The upcoming Legends of Mount Hua expansion and Jianghu Hero System is slated for launch on August 8th, but why wait until then to start your own Wuxia adventure? Join for free, today!