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Expansion Feature: Jianghu Gratitude and Revenge System

Legends of Mount Hua is about to breathe new life into the Age of Wushu world. With the upcoming Gratitude and Revenge System, a new set of NPC interactions have been added to create a more realistic (and more perilous) online environment. If you thought Jianghu was dangerous before, then keep your guard up because now even the NPC serving your drink could be your next worst enemy!

Slightly touched upon in the previously unveiled Jiang Status System, Legends of Mount Hua will allow players to keep track of their reputation with NPCs. Having a good relationship is used for more than just increasing the player’s Jianghu Experience, however, and is essential in two new features:

Jianghu Gratitude

Increase your reputation with certain NPCs and they’ll be glad to accompany you on your journey around Jianghu. With choices of different factions and strengths, these guards will follow and fight alongside players, adding a bit of security to an otherwise unsure world.

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Jianghu Revenge

Feel like teaching someone a lesson, but don’t want to dirty your own hands? Then just talk to your favorite NPC! With a high enough reputation, players may request specific NPCs to carry out “revenge” on other players. The time and degree of punishment is selectable, with a few options including “Showing Mercy” for a few Liang silver and “Too Horrible to Bear” for a much heftier price. It’s not free, but if you have the money, anything’s possible!

Legends of Mount Hua is arriving 8/8/2013. Check out the full list of expansion features and get ready for a bigger and better martial arts world!