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Skill Addition: Dragon Subduing 18 Palms

Age of Wushu special martial art for slapping, kills all your respect!

The history of Wushu skills span thousands of years, with the fist and kicks being the most common among all the skills. The Dragon Subduing 18 Palms is considered one of the best in advanced Wushu skills. It concentrates all your internal energy within the palms and attacks the enemy’s self-respect. It’s a great set of skills for revenge and challenging against the factions.

The history of the Subduing Palms goes back to the end of the Yuan Dynasty. Ming Cult’s Leader Zhang Wuji battled against Emei Leader Abbess Miejue. After several rounds, Zhang Wuji was thinking off how to sneak attack Abbess Miejue and he decided to use the now famous skill. It made Abbess Miejue so mad, she hurt herself internally and forced Zhou Zhiruo to vow to never marry Zhang Wuji.

Dragon Slap

Strike the target, inflicting damage. The target will be marked with Dragon's Footprint: Decreases Internal and External Accuracy, this effect can be stacked 2 times. Target is under the Add Insult to Injury effect for 20 seconds, the target is taunted whenever seriously injured.

Dragon Cuff

Hit the target's face to inflict damage. If the target is still under the effect of Dragon's Footprint, it will also fall under the effect of The Cuff, which randomizes the target's key bindings for 6 seconds. (The duration can be stacked with the stack count of Dragon's Footprint effect.).

Blind Dragon

Turn a slap in the face into a poke in the eye, inflicting damage. When parry is broken, the target falls under the effect of Eye-Stab, and vision is blurred for 3 seconds.

Stumbling Dragon

While successfully parrying, enemies with Dragon's Footprint have a chance to be stunned!

Dragon's Confusion

Charge toward the target to inflict damage .This skill can be charged. When fully charged for 1.5 seconds, enemies are knocked back.

Dragon's Regret

Knock your enemy off his feet then pelt his face with eggs, resulting in damage.

Age of Wushu includes not only many classical ultimate skills, it also includes many unique skills such as Dragon’s Subduing 18 Palms. Unleash a truly unique set with surprising skills, strange moves, obnoxious results, and funny reactions!

Here are some of the many ways you can collect this outspoken skill set:

1. Pray

Dragon Slap (basic) 20 Wishing Knots

Dragon Cuff (basic) 20 Wishing Knots

Blind Dragon (basic) 20 Wishing Knots

Stumbling Dragon (basic) 20 Wishing Knots

Dragon's Confusion (basic) 20 Wishing Knots

Dragon's Regret (basic) 20 Wishing Knots

2. Drop by World Boss (World Boss event on Sunday) – after defeating one world boss, there is a chance of dropping one of the Basic pages.

3. Purchase Self-Justification beggar sack from a life-skill beggar for a chance to get the Beggar's Legacy Token to exchange for level 4 – 6.  Players with 60 Beggar's Legacy can go to the Exchange NPC next to Beggar’s Life Skill Shifu to exchange for level 4-6 of the whole set.

4. Challenge Factions - Apprentice pages (Levels 4-6) can be collected by completing Faction Challenges with "A" ranked scores. Drops are by chance and do not occur on every completion. Happy hunting!