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New Skill Coming: Iron Head Skill

A mysterious warrior has been seen unleashing wicked martial arts unlike any seen before. The brazen fighter rushes at his opponent with a series of formidable head-butt attacks. His strikes render him immune to stun attacks and take even great masters by surprise.

Some say he practices the Iron Head Skill, one of the 72 unique skills of Shaolin Temple. The mystical power of hard chi renders the fighter an iron juggernaut, his head like a battering ram. With that kind of power, one could command all under heaven.


Head of Acolyte (Basic)

Charge and knock a target back three paces.

Charge toward a target to inflict damage. Attaches Cracking Head effect: Damage is increased by 5% each time this skill is repeated on the target. Can be stacked 3 times for 15 seconds.  (This skill can be used in combination with a Flying Skill to approach the target quickly.)


Head of Fire (Basic)

Charge up to make an unstoppable jump into the sky.

Charge up then jump toward the target, resulting in damage. Charge up time is 2 seconds. The longer the skill is charged, the greater the damage over time. When the charge is complete, executing the skill creates Yellow Armor, allowing the Player to use Flying Skills unimpeded.  (Charging distance is at most 20 meters.)


Head of Golem (Basic)

Surprise the target with a backflip and a head butt.

Butt your head against the enemy for damage. If the target is hit 3 times by this skill within a period of time, the target is knocked away.


Head of Steel (Basic)

Unleash the breath of a dragon. Strike the target's weak points to stun.

Inflict damage against the target in front of you. If you break the target's parry, the target enters Crack of Thunder, and is stunned for 3 seconds.



Head of Dharma (Basic)

Jump high, then shake the ground as you land.

Jump high, then shake the ground as you land, inflicting damage in an area. The skill creates a wave that knocks down surrounding targets, then draws them to the player.


Head of Arhat (Basic)

A concussive wave that knocks down targets in an area of effect.

Successfully parrying adds Center of Mind: Absorbs a small amount of parry damage for 5 seconds. (30 Seconds Cool Down)


Head of Buddha (Basic)

This skill is so powerful it can slay a dragon in one move.

The Iron Head Skill will be available August 8th and can be claimed throught the Pray Event using exchanges.