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Server Merger FAQ

We have changed the date of the Merger to 9/4/2013. Please notice this has caused some answers to the questions to change. 
The following are a few key questions to help players out in the coming days as we transition for the Server Merger of White Tiger and Black Tortoise next week.
If there are any questions that you have regarding the Merger, please reply to our FAQ thread on the forums (Click Here).
Question: How will the server merger work?
Answer: The character profile data from White Tiger and Black Tortoise will move onto a new server. The new server's name will be White Tiger.
Question: What will happen to my character?
Answer: Your character will be transferred to the new White Tiger server. All character data will be saved and character progression will not be reset.
Question: If I am from White Tiger will my character be transferred?
Answer: Yes, we will move all character information from White Tiger as well as Black Tortoise onto a fresh reset server.
Question: Will the server merger affect the ongoing Mount Hua Competition?
Answer: The Invitation Letters for the competitiion will be sent out on September 1st. We will then close the competition from September 2 - 4 for the merger. On Septermber 4th the competition will resume. The newly merged server will have DOUBLE the invites during this competition phase. All other servers will remain on schedule as normal.
Question: What if someone has my name from the other server?
Answer: Characters will keep names but a server distinction will be added to the name. 
Question: Will there be two sets of Mount Hua winners on the new White Tiger server?
Answer: Yes, for the month following the merger, there will be two sets of winning competitors on the new White Tiger server. After the September 2013 Mount Hua competition, there will only be one set of winners on the new White Tiger server.
Question: What will happen to the Jianghu Rankings in game?
Answer: The Jianghu Rankings will be reset and recalculated once the merger is complete.
Question: What will happen to my school titles I've received from the weekly school tournament?
Answer: As this will be a fresh reset server, all school positions will be reset. Players can apply with School NPCs for positions in the school structure on day 1. The weekly school tournament will be conducted as normal on the first Sunday following the merger (September 8, 2013).
Question: What will happen to my world stall I've paid for this week?
Answer: The World Stall function will be disabled on White Tiger and Black Tortoise on September 2 in preparation for the server merger. 
Question: What about my guild? What will happen to my guild?
Answer: All guild information will be saved into a guild record item and sent to the current guild leader. Once on the new server, the guild leader may use the item and recover the guild. 
Question: What about my guild's territory?
Answer: As this will be a fresh reset server, all guild territories will be up for contention. Guilds will have to capture territories and plan for Jianghu conquest. 
We will continue to update this FAQ with questions from the community. Please contribute to the process with any questions you may have in the Forum Thread.