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Silver Note Conversion

Here is a brief guide to help out some players that still have questions about the NEW Silver Conversion/Taels System we implemented a few weeks ago!

Players will now be able to purchase Taels directly from our new Silver Shop. (They can also find the Sliver Purchase Button in game shop and inventory.) 


l  Players who have a combination of a positive purchasing history, an account life-span over a certain time, and other key factors will qualify to purchase Taels freely and effectively for use in-game.

l  Players with no purchasing history and/or a relatively new account will initially be able to only purchase Gold.  On subsequent purchases of Gold, they will be able to convert an allotted amount of Gold into Taels.  Over time, and with positive purchasing history, they will be able to purchase Taels with no limitations.

l  For those players that do not fall into one of the above categories, they will be able to only purchase Gold that is bound to their account.  Though don’t worry, you can still convert Gold to Silver notes, which can be used for practicing martial arts, speaking on world channel, and sending hero invitation letters with no limitation.  Silver notes are bounded.