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Future Feature: Possessed Encounters

For every hero, there’s a demon inside fighting for control.

Age of Wushu introduces an eternal battle between good and evil raging in the deepest corner of your heart, The Possessed Encounter. The trial will be difficult yet the rewards plentiful. Can you claim total dominance or will you give in to your darkest desires? Find out now before they arrive in the coming months.

Possessed Encounters are easily triggered; whether through slaying NPC mobs or collecting life skills. Some are even triggered from the darkest of acts in Jianghu; suicide. Jumping off the top of a large cliff or building to your death or staying submerged in a river for too long will result in death, but sometimes will lead to the triggering a Possessed Encounter. No matter what means were used, the encounter will trigger the same by appearing in the form of a Red Lantern over your character and an overhead notification. 

Once you click the Red Lantern and accept, you will instantly be teleported to a terrifying instance reminiscent of the evil in the underworlds. Before your trial begins, you have the option to power-up before the journey by paying a small price to the Manifestation of Righteousness that greets you upon arrival. 

Accepting the challenge will pit you against a random Manifestation of Evil. Hatred, Greed, Obsession, Delusion, or Resentment will be your enemy. Each Manifestation is armed with a lethal arsenal of unique abilities. Along with the Manifestation, you will have to battle mirror counterparts of yourself and any players that have come to your aid.

Your mirror selves know your every move and will attack you using those same tactics with unnatural precision. If you are strong (and lucky) enough to survive, you will be rewarded with bountiful treasures from items to experience and reputation. 

Possessed Encounters can only be triggered once per day, but you can aid your friends in their trials two times. The difficulty of your hellish encounter is based on your character’s level. If you fear going alone, you can always summon two friends to aid you, but that means two more mirrors to fight.

Look for more on The Possessed Encounters and all future content in the coming months as we reveal more exciting new features for the future of Age of Wushu!

“No one escapes the shadow of death unscathed”