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Victorious Staff Skill Set Spotlight

A new skill set is available in Age of Wushu, Read up on this powerful and disabling addition for those Staff loving masters. The Victorious Staff skills are currently only available through our Prayer Event


False Retreat

This skill deals external damage to all enemies that are within 5 meters of the user.  When under the effect of the “Ask for Defeat" state, this skill will knock back enemies and deal unblockable damage.
“Deceptive staff attack that may turn the tide of battle.”

Feigned Surrender

A charge move which Deals external damage. When under the effect of the “Undefeated” state, the distance and speed of this skill will be increased significantly.
“Charge like a whirlwind toward your target.”

Faked Death

A parry break skill which deals external damage. If successful in breaking a parry, target will suffer from the “Despair” state which disables flight skills for 4 seconds.
“Create a concussive force with your staff.”


This is the passive skill of this skill set. Users are able to freely switch between two stances using this skill. When in the “Assertive Stance,” upon a successful parry the user gains the “Asking for Defeat” buff which gives bonuses to the skills “False Retreat” and “Arrow of Lies.”
When in the “Restrained Stance,” upon a successful parry, the user gains the “Undefeated” buff which gives bonuses to the skills “God of Lies,” “Feigned Surrender,” and “Feigned Defeat.” The “Undefeated” buff also grants +6 damage for each skill in the set. 
“Strike with the utmost confidence. You cannot be defeated!”

Arrow of Lies

Throw your staff like a boomerang, dealing external damage. The target will be knocked back by the attack onto the ground. The knock back distance increases if the target is in the air. If the player has the “Asking for Defeat" buff, the knock back effect is unblock able.
“Throw your staff like a boomerang.”

Devil’s Mirror

When used, gain the “Devil’s Mirror” buff which acts to reflect 50% of incoming damage back to the attacker. Also immobilizes the attacker for 1 second. 
“Turn your opponent’s strength against him!”

Feigned Defeat

A charge attack which uses your body’s momentum to push back the target, inflicting external damage. When under the effects of the “Undefeated” buff, charge distance and speed will be increased. 
“Use your body's momentum to push back the target.”

God of Lies


Start a wild dance with your staff, inflicting external damage to surrounding targets. If the target is a human player, this skill will inflict additional damage equal to 2% of the target’s health per hit. (Player can move while executing this skill.)
“Start a wild dance with your staff, striking targets all around you.”
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