Break Eggs to Get Gifts

UPDATED - 2/19/14

Crack open a few legendary eggs for a chance at some incredible rewards. Scramble to earn scripts, Cultivation Points, Enhancements and more to become a Hard-Boiled Wushu Master. Collect one of three types of Eggs (Fortune, Golden Dragon, and Jade) from various Instances, Faction Challenges, and Battlefields. Players that have reached the rank of Realized Potential will be able to participate in the breaking Mini-Game. Click the Red Curtain event box next to your health bar and select Breaking Eggs to Get Gifts to begin.

Each day, players can receive 15 eggs from the NPC "Ai xiaofeng" in the bank room of every major city. 

New Rewards!
Golden Thread Powder
Mysterious Jade Powder
Jianghu Internal Skill Fragment
Ancient Manual Fragments (Taichi Fist, Dog Beating Staff, Dragon Claw)
Level 1 and Level 2 Life Skill workstations


1. Players can get Eggs (FortuneGolden Dragon, and Jade) from Instances, Faction Challenges, and Battlefields.

 2. All players who have reached “Realized Potential”, will be able to take part in this event. Click Breaking Eggs to Get Gifts in the Red Curtain.

 3. Mini-Games can be played for free 5 Times per Day. If you want more rewards, put more eggs in each time.

 4. In a mini-game, eggs cannot be moved or eliminated. By moving and eliminating the normal gems OR using Hammers, you can drop the egg to the bottom and break it.





Silver Hammer: Eliminates a 3x3 region of gems you select. Cost: 5 Liang Silver
Gold Hammer: Eliminates ALL gems of the same select color. Cost: 10 Liang Silver
Jade Hammer*: Eliminates a COLUMN of gems. Cost: 20 Liang silver
* Each time you use a Jade Hammer, you will receive a chance to activate ANOTHER mini-game.