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School Instances: The Forbidden Grounds Pt.1

The world of Age of Wushu is filled with beauty, but also secrets. Some secrets are so big; it takes up a lot of space to hide them from the world. Forbidden Grounds are the hidden houses created to store the secrets of schools, their treasures, and scripts.

In order to obtain your School’s apex of strength and power, you must face its Forbidden Instance.  The gauntlet before you is the truest test provided by a school to see if a member of that sect is worth obtaining the Ultimate Scroll.  Each Instance is uniquely designed to reflect the soul of that school, from the rich environment to the bosses you must face.

Let’s take a look at 4 of the Instances players will face to become the best their school has to offer.

Shaolin: Wooden Monk Lane

Run a gauntlet of unbreakable wooden dummies and master the toughness and test your mental fortitude. The fates of the Shaolin’s ancient relics are in your toughened hands.

Wudang: The Violet Chambers

 Secret chambers flow under the Wudang Sect. For hundreds of years, these catacombs have tested the most balanced of members. Face your instructors and leaders to prove your resolve.

Emei: Sacrifice Cliff

On the farthest edges of the Emei Mountains sits a cliff hidden in a thick year-long mist. Legend speaks of the one with “Pure Heart” leaping from the precipice. If they truly are Pure of Heart, their wish is granted, rather than the meeting of their end.

Beggar’s Sect: Apricot Forest

Conspiracy is tearing apart the sect after a Grandmaster’s sudden death. Join the Elders in the Apricot Forest to unveil the plot of your enemies and the threat against your disciples.

The 2nd part of the Forbidden Grounds will come out this week, showcasing the last 4 Schools and their Instances.  For more news and events, check out