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School Instances: The Forbidden Grounds Pt.2

Part 2 of the spotlight on the new School Instances shifts the focus from the benevolent sects to the morally ambiguous disciplines in Jianghu.  If you missed our first part, CLICK HERE or on the image below.


The world of Age of Wushu is filled with beauty, but also secrets. Some secrets are so big; it takes up a lot of space to hide them from the world. Forbidden Grounds are the hidden houses created to store the secrets of schools, their treasures, and scripts.

In order to obtain your School’s apex of strength and power, you must face its Forbidden Instance.  The gauntlet before you is the truest test provided by a school to see if a member of that sect is worth to obtain the Ultimate Scroll.  Each Instance is uniquely designed to reflect the soul of that school, from the rich environment to the bosses you must face.

Take a glimpse at the last 4 School Instances that await you in the coming months.

Tangmen: Great Poison Palace

The Grandmother of the Tangmen once massacred the Hall of Secrets under political pretense. 21 years later, the sole survivor seeks to bring vengeance upon the entire Tangmen sect by stealing the Sect Treasure.  You must foil his plan before the relic is lost forever. 

Scholars: Villa of the Departed

Once a secluded oasis for masters of martial arts and famous musicians, a mysterious event took the lives of all those renowned at the Villa. Help the Scholars solve the murders and bring the villain to justice.

Royal Guards: The Purgatory

Venture to the deepest regions of the land to discover secrets so powerful, your predecessors locked it away at a gateway to Hell. Dare to venture beyond the walls of Purgatory?

Wanderer’s Valley: Cavern of Lost Souls

A twisting cave lies beneath the Wanderer’s Valley. A dark mystery haunts these hallowed hallways shrouded in shadow.

The Forbidden Grounds and MORE are coming this Winter. Prepare yourselves with events and other trainings today in Age of Wushu