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Developer Question and Answer


Age of Wushu Developer Q / A


We collected 10 questions from the Age of Wushu community for our Development team to answer. Without further delay, here are the answers!

Question #1

Q: Why can't new monthly Cash Shop skill set be kept at 99Gold (or 129Gold or 149Gold), while making older cash shop skill set be available through praying instead? or Make it available on both Cash shop and praying event, giving players more options/ freedom on how to acquire them?

A: The next set will be launched via Cash Shop very soon! We will also be introducing a number of popular items in the next Prayer Event, please be on the lookout for official release.


Question #2

Q: Have you guys try asking for consultation from bigger companies (i.e. google/ Microsoft/ IBM maybe?) in order to improve the client-server model/ architecture? And please tell us what are you guys doing in order to solve AoW server latency problem.

A: We are taking serious measures to solve the latency problems after escalation, server fixes are already on their way. Players in North America will see considerable improvement starting from this week! The Snail Team is constantly improving the game to better serve our end users.


Question #3

Q: When are you going to fix the assassin issue of 2 minutes buff where you cannot do anything?

A: The “instance assassin” bug has been fixed as of last maintenance. We are grateful for the feedbacks for we are able to provide a better game-play experience for our users.


Question #4

Q: When are we able to link our cell phone number (to receive a message with a code) to confirm access from an unknown device and verify the authenticity as the account owner?

A: To ensure maximum account security, we will be launching the Matrix Authenticator during the month of October to provide upgraded account protection for our players. The Snail team is also working on an authentication application for iOS and Android.


Question #5

Q: Is there any plans to implement Interserver Interactions? for example, one server where any player from any place in the world can log his character and participate in activities with his/her current characteristics only... not a server to cultivate or learn skills of any kind, not even to lvl but to use what you have you learned in your "home" server and apply on a pvp type activity.

A: The idea of two top guilds from each server battling in a ultimate showdown is very interesting. We have taken our first steps to develop a viable method for Inter-Server PvP and interaction. It might even be ready in the next expansion!


Question #6

Q: Do you have any plans to introduce the ability to cultivate one ability and one inner skill at the same time?

A: As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “You may only choose one delicacy, the fish, or the bear paw”. There are no shortcuts to becoming the master of Wushu.


Question #7

Q: When will be gossip/Anonymity spammers stopped?

A: We have recently expanded our customer service department to improve spammer detection. Gold-sellers will be banned from any chat abilities once detected; the team is committed to address these problems to provide a better game experience.


Question #8

Q: What is the best method of generating and keeping affinity with NPCs?

A: Gifting is by far the most effective method to maintain affinity with NPCs. Everyone likes to enjoy nice wine and good food once in a while, even NPCs.


Question #9

Q: When will the game implement a queue'ing system for skills & parrying so that those of us who play with over 250ms ping can actually be competitive in PvP and activate combos properly and play the game the way it was supposed to be played.

A: We appreciate the suggestion, and apologize for the inconvenience brought upon by latency issues. The combat system in Age of Wushu is designed for players to utilize skills and parry in a most flexible way, martial skills are based on reaction and prediction of your opponents. The queue system will undermine such design and alter the core of combat in Age of Wushu. Although we cannot implement the queue system, we are working constantly to improve server efficiency.


Question #10

Q: What's going on with the Steam Greenlight? More people seem to be coming in everyday, but a greenlight will make it like launch all over again.

A: The dev teams are currently working out the details regarding implementation and integration of Age of Wushu onto the Steam platform. We do not have a solid date for release, but will continue to keep the community at large updated in this progress.