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Ultimate Scrolls Announced!

Brace yourselves for the arrival of the latest winter content! Snail Games officially announces the coming of its second expansion, Ultimate Scrolls to shock the Wushu world on 11/13/2013

Immerse in this re-creation of the Ming Dynasty with beautiful visuals and artistic renderings! In this new chapter of Age of Wushu, the entrance to the forbidden grounds has emerged. Test your mettle in these school-specific instances and claim the Ultimate Scrolls!

New Content Preview

Secret Scripts: Master the teachings of the treasured Helianthus Codex and Star Vortex; Will you plunge the world into chaos or unify Jianghu under one banner?

School Instances: Face merciless adversaries and take on the ultimate challenge in your own school’s gauntlet run.

Ultimate Scrolls: The pinnacle of your school’s teaching is unveiled. Dominate Jianghu with the newest tier of martial skills.

Marriage System: Lovebirds rejoice, for the heavenly union of romance has arrived. Be the center of attention on a grand palanquin or simply ride through the crowd with a bovine. 

Click HERE for more details on all the updated contents.

New Events Galore

To reward our loyal and returning players, we will launch a series of events to boost your quest to Ultimate ascension.

Stay tuned to more news and find out these additions to Age of Wushu in the coming weeks!