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Expansion Feature: Marriage System

It’s time for all the butterfly lovers to finally tie the knot! Age of Wushu will introduce the highly anticipated, (*drum roll*) MARRIAGE SYSTEM! Let Age of Wushu re-enact the adventure of a lifetime for you, complete with grandeur, fireworks and ecstatic joy.

Like a real marriage, both parties will have to be prepared mentally and physically before the big day. Let us take a look on how to get our lovers settled:

Preparation Stage

The Marriage Registry:

Eligible bachelors and single ladies can register themselves through the Matchmaker with self-recommendations, in hope of seeking (or attracting) the destined one.

The Proposal:

Male characters then have the option to either propose to a lady on the registry, or any other lady that he fell in love with a Betrothal Gift (self determined amount of Taels). Should the lady refuse the proposal, the money is returned. If the lady accepts the gift however, then congratulations, they are now engaged.

Wedding Packages:

Engaged players will need to decide upon a date and time for their ceremony, and Male characters will need to purchase a wedding package: ranging from a simple ox ride to the extravagant palanquin parade. Invitations can now be sent to friends and acquaintances interested in attending the wedding.

On the Big Day:

The groom will begin the grand ceremony at the Matchmaker on selected date and time, heralding the start of a joyful adventure.

Wedding ceremony

1. The Three Bows: The pair will begin the ceremony with a bow to the heavens and the earth, a bow to the hall of grandeur, and finally a bow to each other.

2. The Parade: The groom will be upon a white horse (or an ox) and the bride upon a luxury palanquin (or a second ox). Fireworks, flower sprinkles, red envelopes and ecstatic joy will accompany the parade to the heart of city.

3. Wedding Banquet: A feast will commence with guests from all over Jianghu, crash it or love it!

4. Bridal Chamber: The final stage of the wedding ceremony begins with the happy pair performing a dance show for the guests, ending with the groom carrying the bride back to the bridal chamber.

We wish all of our Wushu masters may find the one to complete their soul and harvest the fruit of sweet, enduring love. Age of Wushu sends a sincere blessing to all the engaged lovebirds!