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The Arrival of Ultimate Scrolls

The chains to the forbidden grounds have shattered, brace yourselves for an event that will shake the very foundations of Jianghu.

Immerse in this re-creation of the Ming Dynasty with beautiful visuals and artistic renderings. The iconic and innovative MMORPG Age of Wushu brings an authentic presentation of Chinese martial arts.

In this new chapter of Age of Wushu, Ultimate Scrolls offers an experience of flourishing new features. Challenge school-specific Forbidden Instances; tie the knot with your lover and earn the right to wield skills of pinnacle power amongst many other new features!

Brace for An Honorable Return

To reward our returning players, we will launch a series of events to boost your quest to Ultimate ascension.

Various Events Now Live

Take this opportunity to accelerate your cultivation and set on the path of ultimate power. A bunch of fascinating items will be rewarded to whoever takes up the challenges.

New Features included in The Ultimate Scrolls

Peerless Skill - Master the teachings of the treasured Helianthus Codex and Star Vortex; will you plunge the world into chaos, or unify Jianghu under one banner?  The choice is yours.

Advanced School Skills - The pinnacle of your school’s teaching is unveiled. Dominate Jianghu with the newest tier of martial skills. Behold the classic and renowned Taichi Fist, Shaolin Dragon Claw and Dog-beating staff.

Marriage System - Lovebirds rejoice, for the heavenly union of romance has finally arrived. Let Age of Wushu reenact the adventure of a lifetime for you, complete with grandeur, fireworks and ecstatic joy.

Heart of The Devil - The eternal battle of good and evil rages in every hero’s heart – will you give in to your darkest desires or fight for sanity and control? The encounter will trigger on a daily basis – which side will you feed?

Forbidden Instances - Face merciless adversaries and take on the ultimate challenge in your own school’s gauntlet run. Escape the prison under hell or traverse through the caverns of blood.

Mastercraft equipment - The newest tier is now available for refining and upgrade! Take your character to new heights and dominate Jianghu!

Big Jianghu - Enter the world of Slaughter with the morality-based PvP system. Become a renowned hero, a bloodthirsty villain, or a sower of discord.

Single Player Challenges - Roam the Four Seas as the lone challenger; participate in solo timed challenges to defeat regional bosses. The rewards will be yours to harvest!