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The Gift of Security 2014

A while ago, as part of our mission to provide more account security options to all of our players, we introduced the Matrix Authenticator! While many players were fast to activate this optional feature on their Snail Games USA Member Service accounts, there are many players who have not taken advantage of this great account security feature. 

With the new year, our systems have nulled all Matrix Authenticators applied during 2013. In order to maintain the highest level of account security, please renew your Matrix Authenticators! Remember to activate them after applying them to your account!

Event: The Gift of Security 2014

Event Date:

(00:01) January 3rd 2014 - (23:59) January 8th 2014*

*All times are in Server Time (CST)

Event Details:

Enable the Matrix Authenticator feature for your Snail Games USA Member Services account. Simply request for a Matrix, bind it to your account, and active the feature! 

Here is quick start guide for the Matrix Authenticator!

Event Rewards:

Rare Jewels and Precious Stones Chest x 2

Four Expansion Pack x 4 (Item, Equipment, Task Material)

(Event Rewards will be distributed within 3 business days after the end of the event period.)