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Real World Within the Virtual


Age of Wushu takes place in China’s Ming Dynasty, a rich era of political intrigue and adventure. We want to give our players the unique opportunity of living the classic Wuxia tales of martial art adventures in a historically-accurate setting.


While playing, you will explore China as it was during that distant time. Modern ruins are once again great temples and palaces. Cities, while smaller than their modern-day counterparts, still reflect the design elements that make them unique. 



One of the best examples is the Suzhou region of the game. The real city has been recreated here with a painstaking eye for detail, and you will soon be soaring over its famous canals and climbing the legendarily beautiful Tiger Hill. Never been there? That’s about to change. 



Many of the schools are also rooted in real world locations. For example, Wudang Mountain is one of the most recognizable areas of mainland China, and our version includes the iconic Serpent-WrappedTortoise statue and the stairs that take you to Wudang Temple. We did not, however, accurately scale the million-stair climb. We aren’t that crazy.


The smaller details lining the schools are also pulled from historical items that are still present in the world today, creating a truly immersive world that takes the player back to the stunning cities of ancient China.



Don’t miss out on the chance to travel back to the birth of Kung-Fu, when Wushu thrived. You can still pre-order to get amazing benefits and invitations to the Closed Betas for November and December. Let us know what you think of our real-world settings in the forums.