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Christmas Events

Holiday Gift Exchange
Event Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 – Wednesday, January 1, 2014 23:59*

*Server Time is Central Standard Time (CST)

Event Details:
During the event period, players who remain logged on and online for 15 minutes will receive a Christmas Gift Pack daily.
Each Christmas Gift Pack contains two of the following three items types at random:

  • Small Snowman x3
  • Mini Christmas Tree Toy x3
  • Jingle Bell x3

Players may exchange the contents of the Christmas Gift Pack for unique items:

  • Small Snow Man x5 - The Gingerbread Man - Increases all primary attributes by 10
  • Mini Christmas Tree x5 - The Candy Cane – Adds 200 to max energy
  • Jingle Bell x5 - Christmas Corn Congee – Adds 500 to max HP
  • Small Snowman x10, Mini Christmas Tree Toy x10, Jingle Bell x10 - Christmas Hat – Unique Fashion Item

Tip: Small Snowman, Mini Christmas Tree Toy, Jingle Bell, Gingerbead Man, Candy Cane, and Christmas Corn Congee will disappear after January 5th, 2014, 23:59*
*CST Server Time

Live Lore Item Raffle
Event Date:
Tuesday, December 24 – Sunday, January 5

Event Details:
1. From 18:00 – 20:30 daily*, players of Martial Intuition level may receive a Universe Command Token** from the event ambassador in each city. Each token contains a unique code which acts as your raffle ticket.
2. At 21:00 each day*, the system will draw nine tickets to be winners in the raffle of the day.
3. Visit the event ambassador in each major city after the drawing time to see if you are a winner for the day!

*Server Time is Central Standard Time (CST)
**Universe Command Tokens will expire at 24:00 each day.

All winning tokens need to be claimed before 23:30 each day. After this time your winning ticket will be invalid.

Event Rewards:
First Prize (1 Winner Daily): Jianghu Reputation x10,000, Lore Fireworks (Med)x2
Second Prize (2 Winners Daily): Jianghu Reputation x10,000, Lore Fireworks (Med) (10 Lore Cards)
Third Prize (6 Winners Daily): Jianghu Reputation x5,000, Lore Fireworks (Small) x5
Consolation Prize (All other participants): Jianghu Reputation x2,000, Lore Fireworks (Small) x1 (1 lore card)


Workstation Overdrive
Event Date:
Tuesday, December 24 to Sunday, December 29

Event Details:
During the event, when players use workstations to produce items, only 30% of the normal crafting time will be required.
For example:
Normally, 6 hours is required to craft 6 items. During the event period, 6 items will only take 1.8 hours (108 Minutes).