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The Shaolin: Poster Men of Wushu

If there was an Ancient Kung-Fu version of Superman, it would be the Shaolin. They are the guardians of the weak and use fierce, overwhelming attacks to defeat their enemies, ala the last son of Krypton. They are an all-men sect (we’ll get to the ladies later) devoted to the protecting of morality.

Here are the basic combat skills for the Shaolin monks, Click a Style Box to get taken to a feature video on that skill set.



Click one of the Styles above for an exclusive video showcasing the animations of these devastating attacks and parries!


 Shaolin are a Blunt force of skills and abilities, so it makes sense their basic   skill sets are with the fists and long staff.  They serve as a strong ally when   combating more annoying enemies by grounding high-flying assassins with   strong swings of their staff or hammering down on a foe with their stone fists.

The origins of Shaolin date back to  the 5th century, the oldest of the schools. Many people have a saying that  " All Martial Arts originate from Shaolin." The school was founded by a Master from India that traveled to China. When he came across Mount Song, he equatedt he landscape to a lotus flower. This symbol  sparked the idea of creating

a school within the "flower" at the bottome of Shaoshi Mountain within the lush forest or  "Lin." This is how the temple became "Shao-Lin." 




The leaders of the Shaolin Halls come from various background, yet share the same common belief and kindhearted nature. There is a devote Buddhist monk that sacrificed the worldy riches of his noble family for the rules and brotherhood of the temple. There is a Chinese Falstaff of sorts, that once led a dangerous group of bandits,but now enjoys the happiness reached with his new family. Then there is the simple usher of the temple.  A man that was found on the steps many years ago and has never left . Not much is known of this man except the large smile he greets all with as they make there way to this peacful sect.


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