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Upcoming Content Update: World of Contenders Preview

The next major update of Age of Wushu - World of Contenders, will release in February 2014.  Heroes and Villains alike!  Prepare to take arms and fight for honor!

Fourth Internal Skill Unlocked

These exceptional skills will give you even more edge in battle, begin a new tier of growth within Jianghu and step further through school leadership.  Unlike other internal skills, you can cultivate the fourth internal skill up to a maximum of Level 49 from your own school, while those from other schools are unable to acquire.

Dragon and Tiger Tournament

The tournament is an all new One-on-One duel – featured in a spectacular ring of arenas. In order to ensure a fair contest, Ancient Manuals, Helianthus Codex, Star Vortex and Hidden Weapon Skills are all prohibited. The winners will be awarded with random School Introductory novice manuals, Jianghu Skills, Pure Chi Pills, Yanwu Pills and Cultivation Speed up!

Treasure Assassin

One that dares practice the secrets of Peerless Skills will face a horde of assassins aiming for his life. The Peerless Skill cultivator must fend off his assailants before continuing his practice. However, If the assassins succeed in slaying the cultivator, all will be rewarded handsomely.

School Lessons

The Grandmasters and Sifus have decided to organize large-scale School lessons for all their students. The event will be held three times a day on a daily basis: providing aspiring Wushu masters to easily increase their Cultivation Points.

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