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Knights of the Eastern World


 Maybe you are like us and enjoy watching Chinese Kung Fu movies such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Hero”.  You might also be a fan of martial arts in general, and enjoy fantasizing about pulling off moves ranging from the realistic to the incredible, just like in the movies.  Well you can live out all these aspirations and more by becoming a classic martial arts hero in Age of Wushu.


Western Knight in an Eastern Kung Fu World

   Just like the valorous knight of western history, the heroes in Age of Wushu have a strict moral code and rules they must obey.  Knights pledge loyalty to a faith or leader, but here eastern heroes pledge loyalty to the moral principles of their region. Most of these eastern heroes also value their freedom, and prefer to be traveling warriors of virtue.


The Test You Must Undergo to Become a Hero

   Do you have the determination to become a hero, wander the world, and uphold justice in the Age of Wushu?  It may sound tempting, but you should prepare for the dangers ahead.  The emperor of the Ming Dynasty and his guards are willing to kill you, and anyone else that poses a threat to him.  You will need to cultivate your skills to gain powerful Kung Fu, only then can you be a hero that can curb the evil that threatens the land.


Join a School, Fight Together

   Fortunately you don’t need to fight alone.  In Age of Wushu you can join one of eight major martial arts schools and train with other heroes.  You can join virtuous schools such as Shaolin and Wudang, neutral schools like the Scholars and Beggars, or you can indulge in evil as the Royal Guards.



Random Encounters – A Game of Luck

Once you join a school, you can learn many special forms of Kung Fu.  You don’t need to put your full focus on cultivating your skills though, Age of Wushu provides a deep and rich story system with abundant quests to keep you occupied however you choose to spend your time. You can even learn more advanced and powerful Kung Fu moves via random encounters, if luck is on your side!



The world of Age of Wushu is a dangerous, but interesting one.  If you are brave, and willing to accept the challenge necessary for becoming a great hero, join us in Age of Wushu. Come find yourself in a place where you can build your own history and leave a mark in the mysterious Ming Dynasty. Act now and take part in our first Closed Beta on November 15th. Head over to our Elite page and read up on all the benefits of being a Wushu Elite Player from Early Access to In-Game Bonuses.