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World of Contenders is Now Live

The World of Contenders content update is NOW LIVE after the 2/12 server maintenance; introducing loads of new features and a series of events. Heroes and Villains of Jianghu, prepare your senses, enter World of Contenders and let the deathmatch begin!

Fourth Internal Skill: The Fourth Internal Skill can be cultivated up to a maximum of Level 49 from your own school, lifting you to a new tier of strength.

Dragon and Tiger Tournament: The tournament is an all new One-on-One duel – featuring a spectacular ring of arenas.

Couple Skills: Available to Married couples only, the Seductive Stare Sword features a dazzling shower of petals and lethal moves.

School Lessons: School Lessons are similar to Team Practice and are initiated by your respective grandmasters.

Treasure Assassin: The Peerless Skill cultivator must fend off his assailants to continue the practice.

School Rivalry: Players who have joined schools can participate in the weekly match; fight for the glory of your school!

World of Adventure: Players who achieve the level of “Uninitiated” can receive the "Adventure in the World" quest to earn abundant rewards.

Click here to register for Age of Wushu, the free-to-play martial arts MMORPG. We look forward to seeing you in Jianghu!