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Contender’s Pack Giveaway

Greetings Adventurers!

Tread carefully when you enter the World of Contenders, for hidden blades and volatile allegiances await your arrival. How exciting it would be to get epic loot for free! Age of Wushu is partnering with sites to give you limited Contender's Packs! Get your code now while supplies last!

We will update this page with new giveaways so check back often. Each Contender’s Pack will grant you:

  • Dawan Horse (14 days)
  • Infiltrate and investigate *10
  • Medium Ruyi Pill
  • Steamed Bum *200
  • Bag of silver pieces
  • Reputation Scroll (5000)
  • Zichen Pill *3
  • Feather Clothes Set (14 Days)
  • Heartless Suit (14 Days)

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