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Introducing the Item Locker


As part of our continuous efforts to offer more in-game security options to our players, we are introducing the Age of Wushu Item Locker! This new feature allows players to place items in a protected status. Once in the Item Locker, an item may not be traded, deleted, sold or disassembled without a 2-day countdown time. Items may still be equipped while in the Item Locker, so protect your most prized items!

For Non-Jianghu VIP players, 5 free slots are available in the Item Locker.

For Jianghu VIP players, 15 free slots are available in the Item Locker.

Players also have the option to pay 10 Silver Taels per item over the free slot limit. 

Item Locker Guide

1. Open the Item Locker interface by clicking the button shown in the illustration below.

2. Select and drag the item you wish to protect into the Item Locker. You will receive this prompt.

3. Once in the locker, the item will display “Protected.”

4. To remove an item from the Item Locker, simply right-click the item in the Item Locker. You will receive this prompt. 

5.  Once you have confirmed the removal, the item in question will display a countdown time. At the end of the timer, you will be able to remove the item from the locker.