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Name Change Document available now!

If you hold a Name Change Document you can go to the Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry of Revenue (1140, 1586) in Jinling to apply for a name change. After making the request, go to the Winding Hall to talk to the Revenue Ministry’s assistant.
You will be given a choice as to whether you want to retain your memories. Select Drop after changing name and the system will automatically eliminate your information. This includes identity, Skill Manual, and Jianghu Ranking, among others. 

You may not change your name if:

--- You haven’t reached First Understanding.

--- You changed your name within the last 30 days.

--- You issued an Arrest Warrant.

--- You are a Constable or a Wanted Criminal.

--- You registered to join the Mount Hua Competition.

---Your pet has been summoned.

---You lead a guild.

---An event is underway.

---You are part of a team.