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Announcing: Tempest of Strife

Greetings, Aspiring Kung Fu Masters!

The entire AoW team would like to extend our thanks for your continuous enthusiasm and support as we march toward Age of Wushu’s fourth and latest free expansion, Tempest of Strife. In the content update due later this spring, players will be able to join six new Sects and experience a vivid and engrossing weather system.

Leading up to the launch of Tempest of Strife, we’ll update you with more information about the new features on our official site, with sneak peeks at anticipated features for PvP and PVE. Here’s a list of what to expect in this expansion.

Three Emerging Sects

The ferocious Villa of Beasts, the vigilant Xu Family Manor and the acupunctural healers of Golden Needle Sect will be open to all heroes.

Three Hidden Forces

The legendary Palace of Shifting Flowers, the shrouded Peach Blossom Island and the villainous Rootless Clan will only open their doors to those who have a huge reserve of latent talent.

Immersive Weather

Experience thunderstorms, hazy rain, blizzards, sandstorms and even eclipses in Tempest of Strife! Unique weather conditions will also trigger mysterious events.

School Betrayal

Tired of your yammering old masters? Want to don whole new colors? Players from the original Eight Schools will be able to join the six emerging Sects by Betrayal, Excursion or Incognito.

The Vagrants

Become the nameless wanderer; the self-styled vagrants can throw off school restrictions and build up their own inner skills.

Face-lifting Surgery

For perfectionists and ambitious beauties, are you not satisfied with your appearance? We’ve made it possible to alter your facial features, but you must first seek the location of this “doctor”.

Equipment Inscription

Inscribe and personalize your gear with your own unique names! Show off your poetic creations to the world.


Which feature excites you the most in Tempest of Strife? Let us know what you think in the official Age of Wushu forum.

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