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Villa of Beasts Preview

The Age of Wushu team is proud to reveal the first playable Sect in Tempest of Strife: Villa of Beasts. Spirited, swift and violent, the Villa of Beasts has some of the most diverse and powerful skills of any sect in game. In this first of many Tempest of Strife previews, we’ll explore in-depth into how the Villa of Beasts survives in the never-ending conflict.

【Alignment】 Chaotic Neutral

【Internal Skill】 Pronate Chi Skill (Yang and Hardness)

【Skill Set】 Dragon and Tiger Overlord Fist

【Attack Type】 Melee

【Skilled Weapon】 Bare Hand

The Story Unfolds - The Villa of Beasts

Founded in the Song Dynasty by the Shi Family, The Villa of Beasts is famed for its ferocity and reckless martial moves. Neighboring the Beggar’s Sect, the villa covers more than one thousand acres of land, hosting rare birds and animals. These spirited yet untamed disciples believe human and beasts are inseparably interconnected. The current five leaders are descendants of Shi Family. The eldest brother raises Eagle, the second Bear, the third Leopard, the fourth Lion and the youngest Tiger. The Villa has high reputation in Jianghu and is highly skilled in military drill. No other forces dare to offend it.

Pronate Chi Skill

The legendary Entropic Prince Fuqian was the originator of this internal skill. The manuscript was later passed into the hands of Shi Family. The Pronate Chi focuses on mental remedies and physical invigoration. As the skill reaches higher levels, one can sustain constant energy regeneration and fight a hundred battles with no danger of fatigue. The flowing endogenous force can protect the body from threats and turn calamities into blessings.

Dragon and Tiger Overlord Fist

A primal variant of the famed Fist Stylefirst created by Xiang Yu the Conqueror, Overlord of Western Chu. The Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist strikes with brutal violence and extremely agile footwork. Each move is within a move, the user utilizes bestial flexibility to improvise his every punch and claw. The Chi is so noble and savage that materializes into forms of Dragon and Tiger.

Notable NPCs

Shi Shuying - The eldest brother of the Shi family was sent to a nest of eagles. At the age of eleven, he could freely command eagles to do his bidding, relaying messages and informing him of his surroundings.

Shi Mengxiong - The second brother of the Shi family was sent to a bear's cave and spent the rest of his youth among the bears. At the age of seventeen, he could control them. His feral strength is legendary.

Shi Yunbao - The third brother of the Shi family was sent to a den of leopards when he was young. Training leopards gave him the insight to perfect his flying skills. He's in charge of coordinating the staff members in the villa.

Shi Yushi - The fourth brother of Shi family was sent to a lion den when he was young. He is now in charge of patrolling and guarding the villa.

Shi Yaohu - The fifth brother of the Shi family was sent to a lair of tigers when he was young. Now he's in charge of surprise attacks and assassinations.

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