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Xu Family Manor Preview

For aspiring heroes who feel the common cold steel is a little too conventional, Xu Family Manor is now your most creative alternative.  Wielding enchanted rulers to unleash flashy martial moves, this newly-added Sect (class) in Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife upholds a strong sense of justice and is always ready to help the weak.

Alignment            Heroic

Internal Skill        Three Purities Chi (Yang and Hardness)

Skill Set                Black Ink Ruler Skill

Attack Type         Melee

Skilled Weapon  Enchanted Ruler

Champions of Righteousness - Xu Family Manor

Situated in the suburbs of Chengdu, Xu Family Manor is a knightly Sect who never fears evil forces.  Despite their small population, the family has earned noble respect in Jianghu to become a renowned force.  Under the leadership of their House Lord, Xu Yunzheng, all disciples practice a unique set of martial arts, even servants and nursemaids, making them formidable in battle.  They use their extraordinary powers to fight crime and take their vigilance as responsibility.  A nameless predecessor taught them their special martial move set.  The Manor is admired as “the masters in unparalleled ruler skills”.

Internal Prowess - Three Purities Chi

The Three Purities Chi is a derivation of the Taoism mental cultivation method.  As the skill reaches higher levels, one can calm the mind and protect himself from external disturbances.  Moreover, he will be able to dispel pestilential pathogens and harmonize YIN and YANG to cultivate vital energy.

Signature Move - Black Ink Ruler Skill

The name is taken from Ink Poem but the origin of this skill set is still a mystery.  The Black Ink Ruler Skill applies to both offensive and defensive strategies, taking down the motionless with dynamic enchantment and eliminating enemies from a distance.  The set is filled with poetic flavor just like a Chinese Ink painting.  Hazy and hollow as it is, the Black Ink Ruler Skill drives opponents to disorientation and inescapably caught in the weaving spell.

Notable NPCs

Xu YunZheng – The House Lord and the eldest brother of Xu Family is of noble character and high prestige within the Manor and martial arts circles.  He has boldness of vision, greatness of skills and a heart of the righteous.  Yunzheng hopes the Jianghu rings with the fame of Xu Family but his sons have left him disappointed by accomplishing nothing.

Xu Yunzao – The second brother of Xu Family is a genius in learning martial arts.  He has the capability in imitating other skill sets and transferring them into his own.  Yunzao has been the the most powerful among Xu Brothers since adolescence.  He used to travel to all corners of the country and later returned home immersing himself in flowers and birds.  Rumor has it the loss of love made him dispirited.

Xu Tianchi – The third brother of Xu Family likes to do grandiose things to impress others.  He is simple-minded and irascible.  Tianchi regards Yunzheng as a super hero in the present age, but he can’t abide with the negative attitude of Yunzao.  He is the weakest among Xu brothers, with the least potential in talent.

Yin Ping – Ping is the Military counsellor in Xu Family, known as “Another Zhuge” among Jianghu.  He’s skilled in making strategies and performing the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams.  As an admirer of Xu YunZheng, Ping is willing to exert all his strength and wisdom for the rise of Xu Family.

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