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Golden Needle Sect Preview

Looking for a proper healing class in Age of Wushu? Suffering from Health Potion cooldown syndrome? After a long and weary wait, we’re proud to present the newest addition to our growing roster, the Golden Needle Sect of Golden Needles, in Tempest of Strife. Players who want to revive the dying and mend the wounded can begin the recruitment quest for this Surgical Needle wielding force.

[Alignment]               Chaotic Neutral

[Internal Skill]           Twenty-Four Secrets of the Golden Lock (Tai Chi)

[Skill Set]                   Triple Yang Needle Skill

[Attack Type]            Ranged

[Skilled Weapon]     Golden Needle

Bring the Dying Back to Life – The Golden Needle Sect

The Golden Needle Sect is situated at the eastern suburb of Chengdu. Disciples practice a unique set of Healing Skills and are adept at curing all kinds of ailments, which has earned them great respect. With their well-concealed weapons and low profile personalities, they will not engage in combat unless openly provoked. Their Golden Needle Skill is capable of healing grievous wounds and striking acupoints of their foes with surgical precision.

It is said that their offensive masteries in throwing weapons match that of the assassins of Tangmen. Enemies of the sect often think thrice to prevent being punctured by a rain of needles.

The Golden Needle Sect has been on a decline after their previous House-Lord, Shen Jingfeng, was killed while attempting to eliminate a growing bandit threat. However, the Family had a fortuitous turn once Shen Canghai was appointed as the new leader. Through great endeavors and effort, he begins to reconstruct the Golden Needle Sect to its former glory.

Internal Skill - Twenty-Four Secrets of the Golden Lock

The Golden Needle Sect have mastered the technique of healing their bodies through Chi. Experts of this internal skill excel in their supportive roles, as they revive their fallen allies and recuperate them back to full health.

Lost Knowledge - Triple Yang Needle Skill

As the Chinese saying goes, “If you want to cure a disease, the best way is to apply needles.” This skill set focuses on healing and defense, and works both in melee and from range.

Notable NPCs

Shen Canghai - Canghai is an intelligent and levelheaded leader who keeps his subjects well trained. Currently, the Golden Need Sect is in a period of great prosperity.

Shen Sangu - Sangu is kind-hearted, chivalrous and always to the point. During her youth she had been engaged but her fiancé was killed on the battlefield. Since then she has remained unmarried and lived her life in a villa, unable to do anything but remain with her aunt and watch worldly events unfold.

Shen Peijue - Heroic yet mature, modest yet progressive, Peijue is an expert practitioner of Kung Fu and the son of Shen Canghai. He has enjoyed making many friends through his endeavors and always enjoys a good drink in his spare time.

Shen Xijue - Short spoken but kind-hearted, he appears emotionless though inside he is burning with ambition. He once admired his older brother, always followed his lead, until he uncovered his older brother’s true nature and left him to follow his own path.

Shen Jun - Timid and overcautious, Shen Jun has a difficult time getting associating with her sisters in the Golden Needle Sect. Although she’s sensitive and lonely, she is also clever and kind-hearted; always willing to help disciples of theGolden Needle Sect. Currently she desires to leave the villa and travel throughout Jianghu.

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