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Age of Wushu Arrives on Steam Today

Today we're excited to announce that Age of Wushu will be available for download on Steam starting at 4PM PDT, Thursday, March 27th (What is that in your time zone?). Players that register for Age of Wushu through Steam will receive several enhancing items including:

  • Exclusive in-game character title
  • Life Extending Pill x30
  • Big Spirit Pill x300
  • Silver Coins x200
  • Palpitation Relieving and Vital Energy Regulating Pill x10
  • Dayuan Horse(14 Days) x1

To celebrate our Steam launch, we've created three exclusive packs for purchase with the Steam wallet. You can check out all the particulars below:

Age of Wushu KungFu Master Edition $ 9.99

  • Jianghu VIP (7 Days) x1
  • Ornamental Set (30 Days) x1
  • Heavenly Origin Soul Pill x10
  • Monthly Cumulating Internal Cultivation Pill x10
  • Steam Bun x100
  • Internal Skill Manual (7 Days) x1
  • Windrider (7 Days) x1
  • Expansion Bag (7 Days) x1
  • Lingyuan Revival Pill x5
  • Nine Turnings Hell Contacting Pill x10

Age of Wushu Hero of Chaos Edition $29.99

  • Windrider (30 Days) x1
  • Jianghu VIP (30 Days) x1
  • Internal Skill Manual (30 Days) x1
  • Ornamental Set (30 Days) x1
  • Meridian Breakthrough Book x1
  • Repair Tool x200
  • Zichen Pill x10
  • Red Fish Noodle Soup x25
  • Lingyuna Revival Pill x5
  • Gold Ingot Revival Pill x3

Age of Wushu Jade Deity Edition $59.99

  • Panda Mink (Bound) x1
  • 99 Skills Gift Pack (Contains two random 99 Skills) x1
  • Travelling Token x20
  • Rare Jewels and Precious Stones x5
  • Jianghu Info x20
  • Intermediate Jianghu Intelligence x10

For more information, please visit our Store Page on Steam. History is only written by victors, start your chosen path today!