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Palace of Shifting Flowers Preview

Elegant yet Deadly, gorgeous yet cold-hearted, the Palace of Shifting Flowers is a place of shrouded legend that people fear yet admire. Let us unveil the Palace of Shifting Flowers, the mystery built upon the dark secrets behind seemingly graceful maidens.

[Alignment]                 Neutral

[Internal Skill]             Clear Jade Divine Skill (Yin and Soft)

[Skill Set]                     Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess

[Attack Type]              Both Ranged and Melee

[Favored Weapon]     Rings of Power

Deadly Elegance –Palace of Shifting Flowers

At first glance, the Palace of Shifting Flowers is a spiraling chateau of cultural refinement and architectural wonders, rivaling that of the Emei and Scholars. Its female-only apostles are well versed in the arts, and often immerse themselves in settings of great beauty. Taking a deeper look, however, one will find a disciplined, even zealous, cadre of warrior maidens, sworn to seek vengeance from the men who wronged them.

The founder Xi Chi stands as the paragon of the Palace’s values herself. Xi Chi’s past lover was a reputable hero known for fighting against injustice and protecting the weakness. They were once a most revered couple, but the hero himself was secluded and indifferent when it came the idea of romance versus the idea of saving the world.

A ghastly sickness overcame her heart, and drove her descent into darkness. From this point on, she slaughtered every person he ever loved: his master, his best friend, and the daughter of his benefactor.

Eventually the hero was forced to return, filled with hatred and despair and unable to stare into the eyes of the women he once loved. Having reached the pinnacle of her internal cultivation and laying the bloody foundation ofthe Palace, she concealed the entrance with an impenetrable mist.

Ever since the incident, the hero was left with nothing but eternal solitude and desolation.

Seekers of vengeance and those wronged by men, the gates will unveil itself when the time is right…

Internal Skill - Clear Jade Divine Skill

The most brutal of assaults are best countered with speed and subtlety. With this skill, you can dodge incoming attacks and recover your strength.

Divine Power - Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess

Elegant to behold, this is a balanced set of skills featuring both melee and ranged attacks.

Notable NPCs

Xi Chi- Xi Chi is the founder of the Palace of Shifting Flowers. Cold and aloof, Chi maintains her ageless beauty via mastery of the Clear Jade Divine Skill. Despite her youthful appearance, Chi is an embittered soul, devoid of sentiment.

Su Xu - Artistic and playful almost to a frivolous degree, Su Xu is second in command and a perfect foil for the cold, aloof Palace leader. She is the only person entrusted by Xi Chi to perfect the Clear Jade Divine Skill.

Yan Chi - Yan Chi, a gracious gentleman and close friend of the two leaders, is granted the title "Young Master." As such, he is one of the very few men seen at the Palace of the Shifting Flowers.

Su Muqing - A series of extraordinary events brought Su Muqing to the Palace of Shifting Flowers, away from her beloved husband and daughter. Though she served her mistress with distinction, she wants nothing more than to reunite with her family.

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