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Peach Blossom Island Preview

If you are the type of player that enjoys toying with opponents without ever getting within earshot, then Peach Blossom Island could very well be to your liking! Utilizing ornately crafted flutes with exceptional swordsmanship, the disciples are skilled in both ranged and melee combat. These masters of art combine elegant musical notes with lethal crowd-control moves to excel in group battles.

Alignment               Neutral

Internal Skill           Blue Waves Mental Skill

Skill Set                   Sound of Blue Waves

Attack Type            Both Ranged and Melee

Favored Weapon   Flute, Sword

Far from the Maddening Crowd - The Peach Blossom Island

For centuries, Peach Blossom Island has been an idyllic retreat for martial art experts and hermetic musicians. They are here to escape worldly concerns, and to bide their time until their services are needed once again. Trespassers come at their own peril; to arrive at Peach Blossom Island unannounced is to meet a swift death at the hands of a true master.

Internal Skill - Blue Waves Mental Skill

The notorious Huang Yaoshi, known as the Eastern Heretic, shaped this internal skill while enlightened by the azure waves of sea. This uncanny skill is essentially a sonic attack, using sound to charm and disable your enemies.

Martial Skill- Sound of Blue Waves

Inspired by the symphonic sounds of water in nature, these offensive and defensive skills are most effective when executed with the proper melody and cadence.

Notable NPCs

Huang Guxiao – the leader of Peach Blossom Island, often appears in a regal green robe, and plays a jade flute. He is a devoted father and an uncompromising disciplinarian.

Huang Lingshu – the only child of Huang Guxiao and Cheng Yu. Beautiful, talented and kind-hearted, Lingshu couldn't help feeling overprotected by her father. She once secretly left the Peach Blossom Island in search of her mother, and she would not hesitate to do so again.

Cheng Yuan – Huang Guxiao's sister-in-law, and an accomplished musician. Her interest in Huang Guxiao compelled her to stay, even as her own sister has gone missing.

Li Hanqiu – Hanqiu is a descendent of one of founding families of the Ming Empire, who were all but wiped out for their involvement in the Weiyong rebellion. Huang Guxiao trains her as his protégé. She acts tough, but has a gentle heart.

Jing Wuzhen – Wuzhen is said to be Huang Guxiao's favorite disciple, due to his pacifist nature. Wuzhen detests violence, devoting himself to the study of medicine and divination.

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