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Letter from the Game Director

Dear Kungfu Heroes,

It’s been a fruitful year with change as the only constant. I would like to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all of you for your invaluable support and feedback over the past year.

It’s the season of celebration! Join us for Age of Wushu’s first anniversary! Because of you, our players, we had a successful year. Community and player enthusiasm remains unabated and to build upon that enthusiasm, we wish to announce our most exciting expansion yet, Tempest of Strife.

This major content update arrives in May, so prepare for a feast of sensory overload and new features galore! The expansion will exhibit an abundance of updated early-game content and redesigned development paths that cater to aspiring heroes. Not to be outdone, end-game content will have some changes as well.

With our revamped engine, the vivid world of Jianghu martial arts becomes all the richer with an added day/night cycle, set amongst a multitude of beautifully rendered weather effects. What else could surprise you more than the sudden appearance of dust tornadoes in the middle of the day? Expect pouring thunderstorms, blizzards and even solar eclipses. Many of these weather effects herald mysterious events, so it’s up to you to find out just how much they will impact you!

Tempest of Strifepits you in the center of conflict, as discord begins to brew amongst existing schools and new forces rise from the shadows. Three emerging sects are designed specifically for newcomers to the game and can be easily joined. These sects are: the ferocious Villa of Beasts, the vigilant Xu Family Manor and the acupunctural healers of the Golden Needle Sect.

For those looking for a challenge, Three Hidden Forces will have harsh prerequisites and calls for certain scenarios to be achieved before their entrance is unveiled.

We have the Palace of Shifting Flowers, a spiraling chateau of cultural refinement with beautiful maidens. The legendary Peach Blossom Island’s weapon of choice is a pure energy blast in the form of musical notes. Lastly, for brooding villains, the wickedly elusive Rootless Clan accepts only competent individuals and those willing to sacrifice their bodies for a greater calling.

Each of these new schools feature their own unique storyline and quests with a multitude of addictive daily challenges. You can also assume the path of the Nameless and become the wandering vagrant without confining yourself to any alignment and doctrines. The choice is yours.

Have you ever wanted to don the erudite vestments of the scholars? Craving the secrets of Dog-Beating Staff Technique? The betrayal and allegiance system is a highlight in Tempest of Strife, where players from the original eight schools can switch to new schools, or join the six new emerging sects by a variety of methods. Each path features different prerequisites and repercussions.

The new expansion also offers a new cosmetic feature where you will be able to visit the doctor of surgical disguise. He will touch up your facial features for a price.

Other improvements include localization upgrades as well as a revamped tutorial to reduce the dramatic learning curve for novice players.

For account security, we are currently developing a mobile security authenticator for both iOS and Android operating systems. It will sport higher security measures relative to the Matrix system and is due for release later this year.

Looking at future prospects, expect new gameplay features such as the ladder system as well as other various events, so stay tuned for details to come!

It’s been a journey of learning and reflection; throughout it all, we will continue to devote ourselves to creating a better game for our players!



Hao Han