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Rootless Clan Preview

“There is no impregnable defense, only swiftness can define invincibility.”

If you enjoy rapid sword swings down onto the heads of your foes, the villainous Rootless Clan is right up your alley. With harsh entrance prerequisites, this mysterious class does much more than you would expect. They can steal considerable amounts of health while dishing out damage to their targets. They are capable of stunning opponents with the suddenness of a thunderbolt.

Alignment                   Sinister Evil

Internal Skill               Deviant Vampire (Yin and Soft)

Skill Set                       Unholy Swordsmanship

Attack Type                Melee, Ranged Hidden Blades

Weapon of Choice    Sword

The Black Sun will Rise – The Rootless Clan

A cabal of scheming eunuchs, the heinous Rootless Clan amassed their vast wealth and networks while serving as high-ranking officials of the Imperial Dynasty. Reviled and feared, they demand that all their followers be castrated. These mass murderers revel in sowing seeds of discord among their enemies.

Internal Skill – Deviant Vampire

The Rootless Clan firmly believes that castration frees them from the concerns of the flesh, rendering them more focused and powerful. Deviant Vampire is the supreme expression of this doctrine.

Peerless Scroll – Unholy Swordsmanship

This set of skills emanated from the Helianthus Codex and was later passed on to the Rootless Clan. To cultivate this peerless skill, one should castrate himself and join the ranks of the wicked. It can debuff your opponents abruptly, while building up your own speed to overwhelm them.

Notable NPCs

Speechless Wei – Despite his name, Speechless Wei, the tyrannical ruler of the Rootless Clan, does speak, albeit with a hoarse, sinister voice. Always seen wearing a golden mask, Wei resolutely believes in his superiority over other men due to his castration.

Ginseng Gao – Ginseng Gao is the deputy leader of the clan, and its chief physician. He is able to preserve, and restore, the castrated organs of his fellow eunuchs.

Silent Lee – Silent Lee is the enforcer of discipline, such as it is in a group that thrives on chaos. Like his master, he is a ruthless man of few words, in order to hide his thin, highly-pitched voice distorted by castration.

Kou Hai – Kou Haiis the liaison officer. Befitting his position, he is one of the few members of the Clan known and respected by outsiders. He is said to be very manly, despite his castration.

Zhou Lin – In charge of internal affairs, Zhou Lin excels in his role, in that his frail physical body belies a cunning intellect, and a vicious sense of purpose.


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