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Age of Wushu Closed Beta Events



Welcome to the Closed Beta for Age of Wushu!

To welcome you to the game, we are running some events to help your introduction and transition into the game.

You'll find gold, VIP service, even flying skills, as part of your Age of Wushu experience.

Enjoy everything we've prepared for you and we'll see you in game!

- Snail Games


Beta Bonus # 1

Jianghu VIPs

Details:  During this Closed Beta, ALL players will be able to enjoyJianghu VIP privileges immediately upon entering the game.  Jianghu VIP will provide you with great perks and bonuses as you make your way through the game!


Beta Bonus # 2

I like… Gooooooooold

Details: During this Closed Beta, we will be giving away 100 gold to all players who log into the game on the first day!  This gold is in addition to the 100 you already get for pre-purchasing the game or the 30 you receive for activating a gift key.

Each day afterwards, you will receive 10 gold a day just for logging in! 

See the chart below for a complete breakdown:


Login Bonus Gold

Account Level 16-Nov 17-Nov 18-Nov 19-Nov 20-Nov 22-Nov 23-Nov 24-Nov 25-Nov Total
Pre-Purchase 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 300 Gold
Gift Code 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 10 Gold 230 Gold


Beta Bonus # 3

“Light as a Feather”

Details:  Upon entering the game, all players will be provided with a few of our favorite flying skills; just open up your back pack and right-click to learn! 


Beta Bonus # 4

Guild Rewards

Details: During the beta, if a player either joins or creates a guild, they will receive four inventory-expanding packages.  These items will be delivered via in-game mail upon completion of this task.  They can be found in their respective areas of players’ inventories; right-click to use.


Beta Bonus # 5

Life Skills and Crafting

Details: Any player who learns a profession during the beta will be rewarded with several collection manuals.  These manuals provide Strategies that will help players gather materials more efficiently as they explore the game.  Just visit your local Administrative Commissioner to claim this reward after you have chosen your skills!  Administrative Commissioners can be found in any major city or novice village. 


Beta Bonus # 6

“Not-So Random” Encounters

Details: While playing Age Of Wushu all players have a small chance to initiate a “Random Encounter.”   These events provide chances to obtain high quality gear and master-level martial arts skills. 

During the beta we will be drastically increasing the rate at which these events take place!


Beta Bonus # 7

“School’s in Session”

Details: During the beta we will be doubling the amount of school scripts that are available in the “School-Robbing” event from 500 to 1,000. 


Beta Bonus # 8

Daily Activity Bonuses

Details: We will be rewarding your time played during the beta by sending bonus items to your mailbox!

Please see the following chart for requirements and rewards


Logins and Time Played


4 consecutive days online; 1 hour played each day

2 Heavenly Origin Soul Pills

20 School Honor Certificates.

5 consecutive days online; 2 hours played each day

5 Heavenly Origin Soul Pills

20 School Honor Certificates

6 consecutive days online; 3 hours played each day

10 Heavenly Origin Soul Pills

40 School Honor Certificates