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Snail Games at E3 2014

Information from E3 is coming in at full force for the new Age of Wushu expansion, Tempest of Strife, including a brand new trailer. We’re also extremely excited to be here to show off our awesome new lineup of games.
Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife
The internationally popular and critically acclaimed Age of Wushu has created a world of martial arts heroes and kung fu villains for countless fans worldwide. We’re happy to showcase the latest edition to the Age of Wushu saga, the expansion Tempest of Strife.
The latest update features 6 new emerging martial arts sects, the game-changing ability for players to switch schools, and a new dynamic weather system.
Black Gold Online
Black Gold Online is our awesomely stylized new MMO soon to hit the market. Entirely free to play and full of high-action exciting gameplay, Black Gold Online will go into full-on Open Beta Testing in June 20th, and is pegged for full release later this year. 
Mobile Launches
In addition to our PC-based MMO games, Snail is proud to reveal our first line of Mobile games!
Puzzle Heroes Saga
Turn traditional puzzle games on their head with our unique spin on match-three puzzles with Puzzle Heroes Saga! Begin your adventure in this fun and quirky RPG, as you grow and upgrade your arsenal of unique allies. Fast-paced and highly entertaining, Puzzle Heroes Saga features a unique mix of puzzles and battles for endless enjoyment.
Heroes of Gaia
Build your army on the road to victory! Take command of your forces in Black Gold Online’s 3D RPG and turn-based strategy game, Heroes of Gaia. Customize and improve your army with over 40 unique units and 80 distinct abilities. Build up your fortress and manage your resources as you conquer the map in this awesome strategy adventure.
Taichi Panda
None can withstand the power of the panda! Take on terrible monsters and titanic horrors in the quest for riches, glory, and internal tranquility in Taichi Panda. Snail Game’s all new action adventure RPG, Taichi Panda features a fun and user friendly fighting system for easy accessibility and casual fun.
We’ll be bringing you real-time news as we show the world the all-new lineup from Snail Games and the hot new release of Age of Wushu here at E3. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for immediate news!