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Silver Viper: 3rd Inner Release!


At the appointed time, the Silver Viper server's 3rd Age of Wushu record event will be activated. This event is a world wide event which will pit schools against each other in a race for the record books. Unite with your schools and help complete the event to unlock the 3rd Internal Skill for all schools! With tons of unique, event only goodies up for grab, make sure you participate and get yours!


Silver Viper
Date & Time
6/15 - 8:00 PM CDT (Server Time)
Age of Wushu is excited to announce the release of the School Specific 3rd Internal Skills on the Silver Viper server! Now, all aspiring martial artists will be able to collect and cultivate these powerful internal skills to utilize their awesome bonuses. Participate in the server wide 3rd internal unlocking quests to gain rewards exclusive to the opening event. Team up with your school to make sure your school is recognized server wide in our 9yin scroll records. Receive awesome new weapons and various benefits for your efforts! Help your server and schools unlock the legendary 3rd Internal Skills! Along with the arrival of the 3rd internal skill, intermediate pages for your own school skill sets will become accessible. Complete various tasks to receive intermediate pages for your favorite school specific skills!
Learn more about each 3rd internal skill by visiting our informative 3rd internal skill detail page
Keep in mind, with the release of the 3rd internal, there will also be an abundance of new content for exploration. As you travel through Ancient Ming Dynasty China, keep an eye out for new Miracle Encounters rewarding new Jianghu Internal Skill scripts, and the powerful Speed Up Without a Trace flying skill. For the avid adventurers, this means the 2nd Chapter of the main storyline will be released. Now, you will be able to find out more details about your character’s story in an assortment of new tasks and quests. New difficulties of all current dungeons will be unlocked as you qualify for harder modes through cultivation of your 3rd internal. With rare materials, new recipes, and dungeon specific Jianghu skills as rewards, make sure you grab a group of capable adventurers to tackle the new difficulties! Be the first on your server to craft the new tier of items, or learn the secrets of the Drifting Sand sword skill. Become infamous and build your own legend in Age of Wushu!