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E3 2014 Wrap-up

The world got a glimpse of the future of Snail Games, as the team set out for an amazing show at the 2014 E3 convention in Los Angeles. The only Chinese company to be present at in the South Hall, the team from Snail Games proudly stood to show the ambitious direction and future of the company.
With an international team from both our head office in Suzhou, China and our local staff at Snail Games USA, the team showcased the latest and greatest to come out of Snail, with our latest expansion to highly successful Age of Wushu, an early peek at Black Gold Online soon to enter Open Beta testing, and our newest step into the mobile gaming market with three hotly anticipated titles.
Nestled among the legs of the towering Steam Castle – an iconic figure from Black Gold Online and a real stand-out at the convention – the Snail Games booth featured banks of computers and iPads for convention goers to explore the exciting virtual worlds we’ve created. Committed to providing quality hands-on experience, the Snail Games booth gave players the chance to try out our latest games themselves, with helpful booth staff available for the low-down on our upcoming titles.
No E3 would be complete without swag and photos, and Snail Games came out swinging with our much sough-after Black Gold Online top hats and lovely Steam punk cosplay girls.
E3 Lineup
Black Gold Online
Black Gold Online was at center stage, as it ramps up for the upcoming Open Beta Test on June 20th. A whole 20 computers from our booth featured Black Gold Online, showcasing the distinct art style, action PvP, awesome classes, and unique mounted combat system. Fans were able to try out a few classes, and even do some PvP as our team of BGO experts helped orchestrate Military Battlefields and other fun events on the show floor.
As the show went on, our Community Management team held court in our special Steam Castle control room, giving hands on demos and special interviews with news outlets including Game Informer, IGN, the Associated Press, and many more.
As coverage comes in, fans around the nation can learn more about Black Gold Online. Here’s what the earliest reports have had to say:
Abigail Elise of International Business Times suggests, “Tired of playing 'World of Warcraft?' Snail Games’ 'Black Gold Online' may be just the MMO that’s been missing from your life.”
Blake Peterson from Game Revolution noted, “Black Gold's characters are ridiculously customizable in character creation.” 
Jacob Whritenour from Hardcore Gamer had this to say, “The gameplay action involves a lot of dodging, aiming and mounted battles; making it completely different from other MMO titles where motions are pretty stiff.
No less than that, fans responded positively to Black Gold Online. Those who got a hands-on sited the awesome scenery and unique art design, the cool character creation, and of course the totally revolutionary mounted combat system of Battle Carriers.
Perhaps most notably, Black Gold Online was featured in the Gamespot E3 Live Show, where host Danny Dwyer interviewed Snail Games Community Manager Kevin Doyle about the game.
Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife
The internationally acclaimed and highly popular Age of Wushu showed off it’s latest expansion on E3 this year with Tempest of Strife. Taking the amazing Jianghu underworld that made Age of Wushu a fan favorite, the Tempest of Strife adds on new “Emerging Sects” that players can join, as well as all new methods for switching schools, a school-less “Vagrant” class, and special dynamic weather patterns.
With a handful of computers featuring Age of Wushu, convention-goers had the chance to try out some of the unique abilities of the new Emerging Sects, such as the ferocious animal skills of the Beast Villa or the lightning speed of the imperturbable Rootless eunuchs.
Big things are happening in the free-to-play MMO market from Snail Games, and both our already popular Age of Wushu and fast approaching Open Beta of Black Gold Online caught a lot of attention, making it into the special E3 Insider.
Mobile Games
Snail Games has made big strides in diversified business channels, and none so obvious as the launch of our three new titles in our entry into the mobile gaming industry. With a dozen iPads at our special Mobile Gaming Corner, fans had the chance to try out our awesome new lineup of mobile games.
Puzzle Heroes Saga
With it’s comical style, fun gameplay and unique mixing of match-three puzzle mechanics with battles, Puzzle Heroes Saga made a big splash at E3. Fans pointedly noted how easy to pickup and yet at times challenging PHS was, with it’s rolling and fast-paced puzzles and interesting characters.
Heroes of Gaia
Fans responded positively as they tried out Snail Games 3D turn-based strategy and adventure game, Heroes of Gaia. Ported from a popular webpage game, the mobile Heroes of Gaia lets players strategize at the head of armies with over 40 different units and countless abilities.
Taichi Panda
Possibly the biggest hit of our E3 mobile line-up, Taichi Panda caught the attention of fans with its easy gameplay style, awesome graphics, and overall highly enjoyable gameplay. Fans enjoyed the innovative controls and the accessible fighting style.
Here’s what consumer outlet Geek thought of Taichi Panda, “the first impressions we had seemed pretty positive- Particularly in the couple minutes we played it. It's basically a really tight controlling dungeon crawler-y brawler game”
As E3 has wrapped up, the team from Snail Games is thrilled to the have had the opportunity to show off the great new things coming out in the near future. 
Snail Games commits itself to the growth of gaming and the expansion of new and exciting virtual worlds. As the world turns towards mobile, Snail looks to grow our list of mobile titles. At Snail, we live by the motto “Born to Dream.” With the launch of our Play Snail mobile platform, Snail Games hopes to offer opportunities and publishing services for mobile game developers dreaming to enter the market. 
Only more great things are on the horizon, and we highly encourage all the dreamers out there to stay tuned over the coming months!