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Black Gold Online Early Character Creation

Black Gold Online is a steampunk and fantasy fused MMORPG from Snail Games. In a race for superiority across the exuberant yet dangerous continent of Montel, two belligerent factions struggle for control of a powerful crystallized energy resource known as Black Gold. The steam-powered mechanical Kingdom of Isenhorst exploits Black Gold as a source of fuel to magnify their military expansion. The mystical Eastern Erlandir Union worships the sacred material and uses Black Gold as the source of their elemental powers. In Black Gold Online, it’s steampunk versus fantasy; war machines versus sorcery.

The Black Gold Online OPEN BETA will go live June 20th, 2014. To reward our most loyal players, we are offering you the chance of early access character creation starting June 17th, 2PM PDT (see when that is for you).

EVENT - Reserve Your Hero

Veteran players will be able to access the critically acclaimed BGO character precreation system three days prior to Open Beta Launch. You’ll be able to reserve your character name and unique look before anyone else. As a token of our appreciation, you’ll be entitled to an exclusive gift pack to jumpstart your adventure in Montel. What’s Inside? You’ll have to see for yourself!

EVENT - Montel’s Next Top Model 

In addition to the exclusive gift pack you’ll receive, do you want to take it to the next level? The entire kingdom yearns for the most dashing knight and elegant lady to emerge from the crowd. 

Submit your character HERE –

Submission ends on June 20th, 2PM PDT

We’ll review submissions from the Early Access Character Creation and choose the best from three categories: (Each Category is entitled to its own exclusive prize)

1.Most Photogenic(reviewed on a beauty scale)

2.The Doppelgänger(create a character to look like someone: yourself, a celebrity, anyone! Send the accompanying picture for comparison

3.The Nightmare(make a truly vile creature, just the most horribly gut-wrenching ugly thing you can)

Whose side are you on: The Kingdom of Isenhorst with unstoppable industrial firepower? Or the mystical Erlandir Union with unparalleled elemental prowess? SIGN UP NOW AND PLAY FOR FREE!