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Upcoming Content Update: Warrior’s Ascension Arriving

Heroes and Villains of Jianghu, we come bearing exciting news: The next major expansion of Age of Wushu – Warrior’s Ascension – will be released on July 31st, 2014! The new expansion will deliver loads of new features, including the Beta test of our Sky Ladder, and the arrival of new Level 6 gear and equipment.

Sky Ladder (Beta Test)

Big fan of PVP? Now you can challenge worthy opponents from the entire Age of Wushu community and win fame for your prowess during the Sky Ladder Beta Test. Contest takes place daily anytime between noon and ten minutes to midnight server time. Players will fight randomly-selected opponents from any server who match their level.

As players take on the challenge and participate in Sky Ladder, they will earn special contest points which can be redeemed for intriguing rewards. Discover the secrets of ancient manuals like the Taichi Fist and the Dog Beating Staff, and acquire useful materials like the Work Bench, Gold Thread Powder and Black Jade Powder. Players can also acquire pages of scripts from certain schools and factions, and learn a new skill set: the Gold Snake Sword.

As the Tournament system is still in development, we’ve prepared special rewards for those who help report problems. Be sure to report bugs during Beta Test to claim your prize!

New Chapter & Level 6 Gear

A new chapter, "Before the Final Battle", will be added to the Age of Wushu Records. After completing this chapter, players can acquire new Level 6 gear. The events of this chapter include some awesome new tasks and adventures, including "The Cause", "Assassin's Raid", "Leader of the Assassins" and "The Invincible Foe".

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