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The Beggars: The Fun Shaolin...with Ladies




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The Beggars are the downtrodden members of society that have lost everything and survive on the deeds and generosity of others. Though Beggars possess no worldly goods they are not inclined to steal from others, putting them on the Justice side of the Age of Wushu’s Justice and Evil spectrum. The lack of belongings makes them similar to the Shaolin School, though the Shaolin give up their possessions for their beliefs and school.  Despite what looks like questionable beginnings, there is much behind the greasy person in town asking for silver.



The fighting style of the Beggars resembles that of the Drunken Master martial arts. These people seek solace from the turmoil in their everyday life in the bottom of a gourd filled with alcohol. One can argue that the movements of the Beggars resemble the sloshing booze they draw strength from, or that the world is spinning uncontrollably and they are just trying to gain balance.  The onlypre-requisite for joining this rag tag school is by acquiring the Begging profession. Men and Women are both welcome to this lifestyle. Once you decide to join the Beggars Sect, you are taken to a rustic village in the northeast. Don’t let the earthy tones fool you; the members of this school are a colorful lot. 



 The weapon of choice for this school is the quarterstaff or short-stick. While not as heavy and strong as a Shaolin’s staff, the short stick allows for faster combat in any situation. Commonly referred to as the “Dog-beating Staff” from its early use in fighting off food stealing strays and defense from other wild beasts, the quarterstaff is a sturdy tool in a fight. Beggar barehanded skills are also strong. With only hands and feet, Beggars can utilize powerful knockbacks or ground high flying combatants.  



The Beggars offer a fun mix on classical traditions.  Eat, Drink, and be merry by joining the laid back school of Wushu. Just remember to give them a little coin if they ask for it; a quarterstaff hurts a lot more than a snarky remark.