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Tangmen: All-Natural Assasains



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One of the more mysterious sects in Age of Wushu is the Tangmen School. They are only one of two “Neutral “schools within the world, and are masters of assassination. It is rare to see a Tangmen walking the streets of a city. They rarely choose to show themselves to others, and if you catch sight of one it is usually the last thing you see. Unlike the Shaolin and the Wudang schools, which are open to the world and its visitors, the Tangmen School is located within a mountain range. They prefer privacy from the eyes of the Empire and their enemies. The Tangmen specialize in trickery and sleight of hand to catch others off guard. The best example of these tactics is exemplified in their leader, Grandmother. Seemingly a kindly old woman, she serves as the perfect example of how the looks of a Tangmen can be deceiving. Grandmother is a ruthless and powerful leader who rules the sect with incomparable cunning. 



The symbol of the Tangmen is the Giant Spider and this is reflected in their combat. They utilize stealth and poisons to defeat their enemies, shunning slow staff weapons and barehanded skills. The Tangmen prefer Distance and Hidden Weapon skills, most notably Darts. Lacing them with poisons and striking from a distance the dart acts quickly and quietly, initiating on strong targets or a killing the weak minded. For a more personal kill, the Tangmen use daggers. While the smallest of the bladed weapons in Age of Wushu, the dagger’s light weight makes for quick strikes on vital areas. A skilled Tangmen can efficiently carve up an enemy, leaving the victim to die a slow and excruciating death. 



The mystique of the Tangmen often makes it seem like they are an evil sect, but they scoff at such ideas. This is largely due to the lack of knowledge the cities and villages have on these master assassins. The ambivalence of the Tangmen makes it much easier to punish evil in ways that the good cannot. What will you do when you join Tangmen? Will you protect the girl or will you protect your purse and keep it filled?


“Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated... but we are initiated.”