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Lingxiao City and the Path of the Departed

Far from the central plains and the watchful eye of the authorities lies a sparsely populated region made up of Heaven’s Lake and Snowy Peaks. These areas sit nestled up in the mountains, and the frigid cold drives its few inhabitants in doors. It is in this region that players will have the chance to discover an exciting new Wuxia adventure with the latest expansion to Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny. Join the fight for this secluded land and its lone stronghold, Lingxiao City, in The Path of the Departed.


Blood Feud of Lingxiao City

Within the region of Heaven’s Lake and Snowy Peak lies the city of Lingxiao, run by the local elder Wang Yue. Wang Yue’s ambitions know no bounds, as he seeks to expand his control over all of the region, and with it the areas special rare herbs and precious jewels. The people of Lingxiao bow to Wang Yue, but there are those who oppose him.

Throughout the rugged terrain are those who stand in defiance. The Snow Valley people, once a power of their own until suffering great losses at the hands of a secret conspiracy they suspect was orchestrated by Wang Yue, will stop at nothing to oppose his growing influence. The Blood Blade Clan, a group of ruthless warrior monks, refuses outside domination and rallies their mysterious mastery to further their goals. The last group, the Valley of Frozen Souls, is a loose band of hermit wizards, who despite their eccentricity harness incredible wisdom and are not to be underestimated.

It is amidst this tension, through force and subterfuge, that the fate of this otherwise serene land shall be decided by the masters of Jianghu.


Walk the Dangerous Path

In the Path of the Departed, players will have the chance to explore some exciting new game features in a special form of multi-group battle, including under-cover agents, hostage rescue, and assaulting the fortified walls at Lingxiao City.

The new game feature allows players to opt-in to this special event, which will begin when the appropriate numbers of players are reached. Teleporting the players to the special map high up in the mountains, they will be randomly placed on one of the four groups fighting in the region, along with special outfits to fit the climate and their respective group.

The new game mode will pass through different phases, during which players from each group will try to gather special resources, recruit powerful NPCs for support, and even rescue hostages from opposing bases. The ultimate goal will be for the players of Lingxiao City to hold out and defend the city, while the Snow Valley people, the Blood Blade Clan, and the Valley of Frozen Souls assault the city. The attackers are no coalition, however, as they compete and even fight each other for resources and the ability to attack the city and defeat Wang Yue.

In addition to the standard play, the Path of the Departed also includes an all new espionage feature. Players can choose to be placed under cover, joining a rival group at the beginning of the event. Careful not to raise suspicion and be exposed, agents must work to weaken their adversaries, through poison and sabotage, bribery and intimidation. Beware of fellow spies, as they are everywhere.

Brave fighters must work together with their group, while keeping a watchful eye for spies, to rally forces and attack/defend the city. When the match is over and the dust settles, each team will receive points, with the highest ranked team getting the best rewards and the lowest ranked team leaving empty handed.


The Path of the Departed and the exciting new map of the Snowy Peaks and Heaven’s Lake will be available as part of the next expansion of Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny, coming soon.