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Winds of Destiny blow through Jianghu in new AoW Expansion

Throughout the world of Jianghu, the unrelenting tempests wash over the land with the Winds of Destiny. New bonds will be made, as old rivalries grow ever more bitter. Mystery and excitement fast approach, as Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny officially goes live today, October 15th!
Winds of Destiny bring an exciting batch of new content to the world of Wuxia martial arts. Rooted in traditional themes of fate, loyal companionship, and sinister conspiracy, Winds of Destiny features thrilling new game play, instances, and rare skills/equipment to discover.
Build fraternal loyalty with the all new Companion System. Further developing the Offline system, grow the bonds of friendship as mutually beneficial Companions.
Uncover the dark secrets of the Silver Hook forbidden instance, and unlock the new area the Delightful Island. There, warriors can find endless joy, or perhaps discover that unbridled happiness is not what it may seem…
Demonstrate your unique style and skill with the Flower Prince Competition. This special invitational contest offers the chance at the special “Flower Prince” title and access to rare skills.
Travel to the far reaches of the land at Lingxiao City, high in the sparsely populated mountains. Join in the heated feud, fighting through wilderness, spying under cover, and storming/defending the fortified city in The Path of the Departed.
Jianghu masters can update to the latest expansion as a free DLC pack. Join in the exciting open world sandbox experience of Age of Wushu today, register here.