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Real World in the Virtual Part 2


Part 1 of the “Real World in the Virtual” explored a few landmark images that Age of Wushu has used in creating a realistic and historical world. Ageof Wushu is a Kung-Fu themed MMO set in the 15th century Chinese Ming Dynasty.   A game that vividly and accurately displays the mysterious and rich eastern culture once described by explorer Marco Polo.  With interesting stories set in beautiful eastern locales, Age of Wushu is sure to delight anyone looking for something different from the standard MMO.


Hardcore Kung-Fu fans should think about the following question: if you were to someday visit China, which historic spots would you choose to stop at first?  Would you want to visit a famous Shaolin temple?  Maybe you would want to trek the vast northern deserts where brigands and traveling Kung-Fu Masters once clashed.  Or perhaps you would like to climb the Wudang Mountain and watch where members of the Wudang School once –and to this day still train.  You may possibly be more interested in exploring the ancient city of Jinling.


If thinking about that question made you wish you could not only visit China, but to have the ability to  travel to the past and live a Kung-Fu lifestyle as well, Snail Games can help you bring that fantasy to reality.  Prior to development, Snail Games visited the real world places that areas in Age of Wushu would be based upon. They then built them into the game with the help of 3D modeling technology.  Supplemented with tireless research of the era, Snail developers have re-created a 15th century China that looks and feels accurate to the period.


Though this is a topic we have touched upon in the past, authenticity to the era and source material is among the most important elements of Age of Wushu. Here at Snail Games we strive to not just make a great game, but one that respects and pays proper homage to the culture it represents.


The details in Age of Wushu are painstakingly accurate; from the largest city, to the smallest structure the game is designed to match the real world.  For instance, take the front entrance to the ancient city of Suzhou.  Though the city is thousands of years old, Snail has flawlessly recreated the entrance in game, crafiting and shaping it as it would have looked during the Ming Dynasty.





Anyone familiar with Chinese culture has most likely heard of the “Celestial Mountain”, also known as “Wudang Mountain”.  Regarded as a blessed holy place for thousands of years, it has been modeled in the game as the home to the Wudang school.  You can judge the accuracy for yourself.  The gate is an astounding recreation, and lends the feeling that you are actually at Wudang Mountain.


This 1500 year old Shaolin temple is the birthplace of Shaolin Kung-Fu. Understandably, Snail felt it should be a featured location in Age of Wushu.  Everything from the windows, to the brickwork, and even the color scheme are preserved in game.  Our recreation has peeled back the layers of time and shown how the temple looked roughly 500 years ago.

The Xian Bell Tower, also known as the “Pearl of the ancient city”, is one of China’s most well preserved Ming Dynasty Era architectural marvels.  You can see its faithful recreation in Age of Wushu within the capital of Jinling.  Built around 2500 years ago Jinling served as the “capital of six dynasties” for 500 years.  When you pass under the arch in game, try to remember the history that you are living while you play.


Click the image above to go to a  video showing more on the journey to bring the real world to life!


During his journey through China Marco Polo once said, “No city in the world could compare with Yanjing.”  His praise is easy to understand with the city being known worldwide for having incomparable architecture. Now known as Beijing(Peking), Yanling is famous for buildings that are both imposing and exquisite.  From the towering walls to the delicately detailed structures crowning them, your in-game tour should be awe inspiring as a real world one.




The northern deserts of China(Gobi), are vast and dangerous.  Not only is the environment notoriously inhospitable, but it has also been the location of countless battles.  To survive and repel an enemy assault, a defending force would need an impregnable fortress, this one looks up to the task.  Looming both in real life as well as in the background of this screenshot, the biggest question is: When the fighting begins will you be the one attacking or defending?



We hope players will appreciate that we have wholly dedicated our teams so we can accurately represent the Ming Dynasty Era of China in Age of Wushu.  This comprehensive attention to detail in the game should be evident whether it is in the smallest statue or in the most massive and imposing fortress.  Try as we might, not everything is an exact replica.  As such sometimes an original edifice or location will be used as inspiration for a game location or item.  When taking artistic liberties we always try to ensure that the proper homage is made to the source material.  In the end Snail Games only aspires to enchant our players with an accurate and beautiful representation of this historic, fabled era in Chinese history.



For more on the Real World and Virtual World comparisons, Check out the video tour on YouTube!