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Age of Wushu: Transcendence release date announced

A new era is dawning in the turbulent world of Jianghu. Old rivalries and new feuds take on a new edge as the masters of the 8 schools and 6 sects unlock new powers and discover coveted ancient secrets. Reach unprecedented power in the latest expansion to Age of Wushu, Transcendence, coming on January 14th, 2015!
Fifth Inner 
Legend holds that in times long past, there lived a master deep within the Shaolin forests of unspeakable power. This sage commanded the winds and the clouds, and through his mastery unlocked a paramount level of energy – the fifth level of inner skill. Since that time, the schools of Jianghu have labored, through study and discipline, to unlock the hidden knowledge of this incredible potential. Their studies yielded inner skills reaching ever closer to this ancient legend, but always falling just short. Until now.
With the latest expansion, Age of Wushu: Transcendence, players can unlock the 5th level of Inner Skill. With this addition, the ripples of change will be felt throughout Jianghu, as new possibilities for character growth and power are unlocked!
New Forbidden Instances
Three new mysterious transgressions appear in the world, offering new opportunities for courageous adventurers to discover hidden secrets. Three new Forbidden Instances will be available with the expansion at the Hell King’s Dungeon, the Jinling Incident, and the Qiandeng Crisis!
New Manuals
Rare and valuable tomes filled with ancient wisdom make their way to the world in this latest expansion. New high level Manuals will become available, introducing exciting new aspects to the game!