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Eight Schools’ Fifth Inners Sneak Peak

Storms hide the horizon as a new day yearns to dawn on Jianghu. Incredible potential lies just within reach, but this new era of possibilities won’t come without cost. Masters seek new powers and discover coveted ancient secrets as the land breaks through the haze to uncover the mystery of the 8 schools and unlock the 5th inner skill in Age of Wushu:Transcendence.


Shaolin-Marrow-Cleansing Manual

Wushi Chi: When attacking, there is a chance to increase your critical hit rate by 2% and critical hit damage by 4%, lasting 40 seconds, up to 6 stacks.



Beggar’s Sect - Trap the Dragon

Catch Dragon: When attacking, a chance to increase critical hit rate and deal an additional Splatter damage which can reduce the target's speed by 40%.



Royal Guards- Infernal Transmigration

Possessed by the Ghost: When hit, have a  chance to be immune to all damages for 3 seconds; When attacking, a chance to increase your attack by 40% and own critical hit rate greatly for 3 seconds.



Wudang - Dragonslayer

Dominating Dragon Blade: When attacking, a chance to increase the player's all movement damages by 30% and increase Endurance Ignorance by 25%, lasting 15 seconds.



Wanderer’s Valley - Shadow Patting Skill

Shadow-catching Bloodthirst: When attacking the target with the effect of Bloodshed in the Wind, absorb the target's HP. (It can be triggered once every 0.5 second at most.) It can also increase own critical hit rate by 6% for some time.



Emei- Great Nirvana

Nirvana Land: When attacking or attacked, you can gain a shield. The shield absorbs damage, deals Yang Damage continuously to the surrounding enemies and reduces the target's internal skill defense, lasting 10 seconds.



Tangmen - Subtlety of Yin

Extremely Soft and Cold Poison: When attacking, a chance to poison the target. Poison effect: Each time the target uses a skill or flying skill, he/she will lose HP, maximum 5 stacks (Each stack reduces an additional 3% movement damage), lasting 30 seconds.



Scholars - Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens

Phoenix Dancing and Singing: When attacking or attacked, a chance to increase the player's movement damage by 33% and increase the effect of Damage Reduction by 22% in some time, lasting 20 seconds.



Unlock your inner potential, and surpass the possible with the latest expansion to Age of Wushu, Transcendence, coming on January 14th, 2015.