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Royal Guards: Evil Reigns Supreme



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  In an earlier spotlight, we focused on the chaotic evil of the Wanderer’s Valley.. Now we look at the more lawfully aligned but equally evil, Royal Guards.  Zhu Yuanzhang has waged a war to abolish the teachings of secular Kung Fu throughout the land. Even though many schools retreated to the mountains and footholds, many civilians started practicing secretly in their homes. The Emperor created the Royal Guards as a special force to spy on the commoners. They secretly entered tournaments and other large gatherings to gather intel on the people of China. The Royal Gaurds report on insubordinate actions, and squash rebellions with their own Evil Kung Fu.


The main weapon in the Royal Guards’ arsenal is Intimidation, but their tools of destruction vary. They use massive single blade techniques that devastate opponents, cleaving helpless victims in half. Their barehanded skills draw from the predatory eagle, striking deep into the flesh, eyes, or heart. Finally, they use a hidden claw attached to a long rope . This form is ideal for closing the gap on a cowardly peasant attempting to escape persecution, and allow perfect for control of a situation.



The school grounds are reminiscent of a fortress or heavily guarded palace. The influence of the Emperor is apparent in the architecture and statues. The facilities are more extravagant than the simpler Wudang or Tangmen schools. Everything about this land maintains that signature Royal Guard intimidation.


The leaders of the school come from varied pasts, but share the same thread of distrust for the common man. The primary figures of the school are the ultimate power couple of Age of Wushu. The man is a power hungry individual that uses cunning and trickery to succeed. His wife comes from one the wealthiest families in China, but uses her money and influence to gain control over others and further herself. Some leaders come from unspeakable pasts that have destroyed their psyches, making them ruthless killers. However, there is one that does not fit. A conflicted leader that rose to power in the army by masquerading as a man, but is she still pretending within the Royal Guards? Whose will does she serve? The good of the Emperor or the good of the people?




Will you live to serve the Emperor? Will you fight for your country? Or will you hide behind the curtain of the old ways? Take your spot in line with your fellow brothers and sisters in the Royal Guards and show that the true power is the government!