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The Scholars: Art Intimidating Life




We have reached the end of our road in the School Spotlights. We have looked upon the Righteous Shaolin and their strict yet righteous beliefs, the powerful army of the Emperor in the Royal Guards, and we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the figures lurking in the shadows with the Tangmen. Our final stop takes us to the height of culture in Age of Wushu, the Scholars.


The pre-requisite to join this school is to undertake one of the four Cultural professions:

·         Painter

·         Caligrapher

·         Musician

·         Weiqi

Visit one of, or all, these Shifus in the main city to begin training. 



A social club created to show off artistic skills and techniques, the Scholars are Cultural Masters. Their Kung Fu is filled with elegant movements and style. Their skill sets derive from swords and kicks. The fluid motions of the blades look similar in style to the Wudang because of their roots in dance.  Scholars’ moves exemplify the theatrical nature found in the core professions the school is founded on, so it only makes sense that the school’s Internal Skill utilizes Musical Frequencies. There is even legend told of an Ultimate Song taught to only to the higher members of the school. This Song is said to deal fatal damage internally to a foe, without leaving a trace of blood.


The Scholars and Tangmen are the only neutral schools. While the Tangmen are more violent in their dealings, the Scholars remain devotees to the Arts first and foremost. They fight to keep this belief strong in the world against those that threaten the voice of the singer or the message of the painter.