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White Tiger Resurgence

White Tiger Resurgence


The White Tiger server will go live in this expansion. A brand new Jianghu is waiting for you Masters to challenge!


After White Tiger reborns, the silver top-up amount will be accumulated. After the event is finished, you will receive whatever tier the total amount falls into.

Event time: Dec 22, 0:00 — Dec 26, 23:59 (Server Time)

** All rewards will be distributed 3-5 working days after the event period.


1 Ding  

Hundred years Snow lotus*1

Scenery Records Collecting Card*10

2 Ding  

Hundred years Snow lotus*2

Scenery Records Collecting Card*20

3 Ding  

Hundred years Snow lotus*3

Scenery Records Collecting Card*30

4 Ding  

Hundred years Snow lotus*4

Scenery Records Collecting Card*40
5 Ding 10%

Hundred years Snow lotus*5

Scenery Records Collecting Card*50

"Snake Scale" Fireworks*1